Jay Goldbach

My passion is writing and performing music. I first started playing guitar at 12 and remember writing my first song about a week later. Unfortunately, it took me 20 years to try it again. After years of encouragement from friends and family to share my work, here I am. I hope you like it.

While my wheelhouse has always been high-energy rock, I have found that the muse dictates the genre, so I have songs that are metal, rock, country, reggae, folk, electronica, etc. I'm open to licensing my music for TV, Movies and YouTube as well as to artists who would like to record them. I would also be open to custom work.

Age of the End

An ode to the chaotic and dis-integrated nature of our society and the compromises we make to stay alive. I hope to reward your attention with sounds that will move your feet, fire your spirit and maybe even open your mind. Everything on the album is written, performed and recorded by me.

Lyrics and Liner Notes


Two Bird Stone

A collection of older tunes recorded early in my learning process (read: amateur recordings, but decent music). Some have a more laid back feel and some you might even dance to. Waiting on the Rain is always a fan favorite live.


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Other Music Stuff


Occasionally I pick up a bit of charcoal or wood and make something that I like to call art. I've also been known to customize a few guitars and even do some oil painting. I hope to share that work again in the future.

Drupal Expert

I have been working with Drupal 6, 7 and 8 for over 10 years now and have wrangled it into some pretty amazing and complex applications to help solve common problems like building organization charts, ecommerce and so on. For more information, check out:

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If you would like to contact me, just send a message to contact@goldbach.net.

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